M.i.h: for the modern free spirit

Playful, laid back and channelling the perfect androgyny that feels as undemanding as it does empowering, Mih jeans embody everything I love about seventies sentiments and silhouettes. I recently connected with their founder Chloe, and fell in love with her understated designs that make you feel at once as beautiful […]

Introducing the Goddess Diaries: Women’s Wisdom

As it sit at my laptop in the forest in Costa Rica with the soothing song of the cicadas filling my senses and my soul, there couldn’t be a better time to introduce a new section on the blog dedicated to women’s wisdom, unleashing our goddess nature and what it means to […]

Vegan oatmeal with vanilla and peach

I adore porridge and always have done since I was a kid. But I think so often it can be really, unthinkably boring. Once you jump into the world of vibrant colourful plant food, flavours and textures take over, and – in my experience at least – what used to really […]

Jiva Healing: detox retreats in Goa and beyond

Bridge to the beach from the Goa retreat On my travels in Costa Rica this winter, aside from finding myself with a brand new Nahuatl name and a moonstone engagement ring on my finger, I met a lovely glowing nutritionist named Rebecca Andrist, who turned out, through a series of […]