Healthy treats

Perfect roast strawberries

At this time of year British strawberries are flooding into the shops and in my opinion one of the best ways to honour this is by roasting them. For me, perfect roast strawberries are neither too sweet nor too tart, but somewhere magical in the middle where you could add them […]

Green super food energy bars

I sort of threw these together last Thursday with ingredients I had in the pantry, hoping it would work based on another recipe from Thrive Foods – looking primarily for a new way to get some green powder goodness beyond heaping it in a smoothie, and also following the realisation that I spend […]

Raw cacao and cayenne brownies

It’s Easter, I want chocolate, and I have a packet of amazing raw cacao from Costa Rica and a hankering for some Mexican spice. What easier, simpler and more delicious way to bring this all together than with 5 minute raw cayenne and cinnamon brownies? They’re THE BOMB. Happy Easter […]

Black rice, coconut and mango pudding

  Black rice is my new favourite ingredient. It looks so arresting and mysterious I just want to jump right in to the bowl. This variation on a favourite from my travels in Thailand many years ago is really quick and deliciously simple: rice, coconut milk, mango and rich, butterscotchy, […]

Date, banana and tahini smoothie

Some mornings you just need mega help to jump out of bed and in to the world. For many reasons, including prosecco, today was one of them. I always down a green smoothie in the morning, it gets the vitamins in and makes me feel great and sustained whatever I’m […]

5 minute healthy choc pots

On the weekend Ben, his brother Dan and I went for a long happy walk in Greenwich park, full of ideas and chats and inspiration looking over the city, and came back to their parents’ house starving. Dan whipped up his signature Sunday roast and I was in charge of […]

Spinach, banana and coconut smoothie

A rare purchase for me, I bought a jar of organic Whole Earth peanut butter the other day to make a deeply-craved raw peanut and cacao cake and have been adding big dollops of it to everything. This smoothie didn’t escape its clutches nd I seem to have whipped up a […]

Raw carrot and vanilla cookies

Is there anyone on the planet who does not madly hunt down sugar at some point of their day/week/month/life? I don’t think so. I will never be one of them. What I will be, and what you can be too, is a healthy sugar hound. Because it’s not just the […]

Gluten-free hazelnut and honey bread

I made this heavenly loaf yesterday and I can barely step away. With a hungry gluten intolerant man on my hands a good bread that is quick to knock together and doesn’t taste like sugary cardboard from the free-from section of my local superstore is something of a holy grail. […]

Raw maca, ginger and goji macaroons

These super maca-macaroons come courtesy of my lovely yogi friend Atty who lives in Berkeley and knows a good raw food recipe when she sees one. You will be amazed at how quick and easy they are to throw together and how insanely good the sweet maple, salty-sweet berries and […]