Healthy treats

Raw cinnamon Christmas chocolates

I will keep things brief here because a) I am on the train home for Christmas and trying not to eat all the chocolates I just made for everyone that are in my bag next to me, and b) judging by Instagram all you really want to do is make […]

Raw Christmas cake bites dipped in coconut cacao

I am not usually one to go crazy for Christmas food. My rapt devotion to chocolate is fully trans-seasonal and only intensified by this time of year, and  I don’t really feel drawn to the heavy flavours and textures of stodgy mincemeat or stuffing. In fact, does anyone really? However, I recently concocted these […]

3 minute vegan goji chocolates

  Once you start really loving chocolate, no one can take that away from you. Not nutrition teachers, not your escalating grocery bill – nothing. I have been a slave to chocolate since I can remember and sometimes, on long days where your feet barely touch the ground and you shove some […]

Buckwheat, spinach and nutmeg muffins

I love muffins. They remind me of America. And random little train station shacks that used to sell the cellophane-covered blueberry-filled ones that were totally amazing when I was a young journeying teenager. The fact that they had never  seen a real blueberry or vanilla pod, only E numbers and bright blue […]

Raw coconut & cayenne chocolate pudding

Having survived five days with Rainbo at Wilderness and moving house two days after, Ben and I unpacked, stuffed our faces at our new local restaurants and hiked in Epping Forest before hopping on a plane to Umbria for ten days of sunshine and peace. It is magical here. Doing […]

Raw vegan chocolate cheesecake

Inspired by raw choc lover Laura Coxeter on the River Cottage show many moons ago, this is one of the first healthy treats I ever cooked and it has since become a nutritonal household recipe. With good reason. Avocado, coconut oil and raw cacao all come together in such simple, […]

Spinach, cacao and chia smoothie bowl

Smoothie bowls are great. You can whip them up in no time and shove almost anything you feel like on top; as long as your base is good it will almost always taste delicious and is the easiest way to get nutrients fast with a big dose of fibre to […]

Maca and wheatgrass protein balls

I served these balls at an event I was cooking for at the lovely Brixton sustainable fashion boutique The Keep last week and they went in ten minutes. And while I was testing the recipe, adapted from some chocolate almond bars on Oh She Glows, I made a batch for our fridge […]

Raw pumpkin, cranberry and coconut chocolate

In Costa Rica we got hooked on raw cacao. Unprocessed and in its full superfood power, it basically gets you high. Spiritual cacao ceremonies aren’t for nothing, and the other day, knackered from street food and hankering after something sweet, I decided to have my own London-style one in the kitchen with […]