Healthy treats

Melon, mint and cucumber smoothie

Continuing the green theme… Sweltering through the heat in London last week, I was berating myself for not having filled up the fridge with anything smoothie-appropriate. Too hot and tired to think strategically about food, I just wanted to whizz up something easy and refreshing. Then I spied a leftover […]

Raw tahini caramel squares

Wow June has been busy! Somewhere in between getting married and embarking on the next leg of our honeymoon in Greece I have stolen a minute to share these insanely good raw caramel squares with you because they came to me in the moment I needed them most and I’m […]

Tigernut cacao energy balls

Yesterday around about tea time, ploughing away on the computer, I had a major snack attack; since it was thundering outside I turned to my kitchen cupboards for some instant energy and inspiration. These are what happened and they didn’t hang around long. The main component is tigernut flour: a […]

Mayan spiced reishi hot chocolate

As I type at home in the pouring rain and cold that is meant to be spring, there doesn’t seem a more appropriate time to share this warming medicinal recipe for vegan reishi hot chocolate. Fusing the Mayan flavours of cacao, orange essence and cayenne with one of nature’s most […]

Apricot + lemongrass mousse

This little dairy-free mousse is a pretty radical combination of macadamia, apricot and lemongrass. It is simple, nourishing and delicious: on toast, on fruit, straight off the spoon, it makes a refreshing change from good old nut butter, and its exotic flavours transport you immediately so some far flung land […]

Chickpea and almond butter blondies

Protein packed and without a grain in sight, these chickpea blondies are, I think, my best baked concoction yet. It is so difficult to find easy, tasty vegan and gluten free baking recipes, and ones that manifest straight out of your most humble larder ingredients are truly friends forever. Chickpeas are […]

Raw date and brazil nut whip

  This is the happiest most soulful little creation. I found the recipe scribbled on a notepad from years ago at a friend’s house and was so intrigued. It is a delicious mix between a light fluffy mousse and a thick and creamy nut butter, and the simple flavours of fresh […]

Raw superfood almond butter

With the rhythm of city life as busy as it is, I always latch hopefully on to clever butters, bars and wholefood conconctions that purport to have it all in one… and this latest creation does just that – it is the most super and delicious little paste to have in your kitchen, on hand to help […]

Buckwheat quinoa pancakes with goji berry jam

Pancakes always represent such a treat for me. Maybe because when I was little they were what we ate at restaurants, diners and other awesome places but never at home. Or maybe because they seem to me to be a symbol of mighty America in all its maple bacon glory. […]

Cacao superfood power balls

Among other great things both spiritual and physical, I have returned from Costa Rica with a serious cacao addiction. Since it is a superfood, and not caffeine or cocaine, I am not worried, and  am embracing the energy and happiness it gives me while I reunite with my Vitamix and return […]