Healthy treats

Gluten-free courgette bread

Image: Rahel Weiss, The Naturalista – nourishing recipes to live well This easy and indispensable gluten-free courgette bread is one of the most popular and widely loved recipes from from my book. I wrote it under Everyday Essentials, and since my blog was conceived with the idea of creating exactly that, it seems time I […]

Raw lucuma banoffee pies

I love banoffee pie with a lifelong devotion and I know I’m not the only one. Being pregnant seemed to magnify this adoration and one of my main early cravings was for something sumptuously rich and creamy, with some saltiness, some sweetness and two of my favourite flavours of the moment thrown […]

Salty sweet maple, coconut and cranberry bars

I don’t use maple syrup often but when you need a salty-sweet hit to fulfil your wildest food fantasies, it always becomes a faithful unrefined ally. I sometimes have dreams of one day travelling to an endless maple forest and tasting it fresh from the tree… intoxicated by the fresh Canadian air […]

Vanilla and cinnamon roasted pumpkin seeds

When I was little we would make cinnamon toast at home for tea on weekends. Maybe it was to taste like the amazing American cereal named after it (closely rivalled in the cupboard by Golden Grahams. Anyone here under 25 probably has no idea what I’m talking about). It consisted […]

The perfect cacao shot

My ever deepening love of cacao is no secret. In a ceremony, a chocolate bar, or just as crunchy nibs and beans, the plant is one of my favourite allies and the love goes far beyond mere chocoholism. This adoration and respect was recently compounded by our third trip to […]

Quick buckwheat crepes

My mother recently stayed at the visionary Vivamayr clinic and returned with an unbelievably simple and quick buckwheat crepe recipe. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to try it and have spent the afternoon knee deep in gluten-free pancakes of all shapes and sizes as I perfect the milk […]

Nut-free tahini banana power balls 

As our last days in the Costa Rican forest approach, we are very much enjoying making the most of local ingredients and concocting new recipes from the random army of foods we have lying around our hotchpotch little kitchen. While the natural flavours of local organic fruit like these bananas […]

Raw spiced walnut brownies with maple clementine slices

  Since Christmas is a-coming and we are off to Central America in a week, I thought this weekend was the perfect time to throw together something indulgent and chocolatey with all my favourite spices and this season’s best little fruit: the sweet, juicy, vitamin C packed clementine. We had […]

Pumpkin spice latte

Every street corner in London is coercing me into buying a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte and since the combination sounds so utterly dreamy, I thought I’d try my own wholefood version instead. An organic pumpkin needing using up in the veg box could surely not have met with a yummier […]

Saffron and honey roast pears

I hope you will forgive my silence over the last few weeks. Writing my book has been such a huge process, one I am infinitely grateful for and throwing myself into in every way imaginable, but it leaves little time for other activities. I have spent most of the days […]