Chilled avocado and coconut soup

I am on the third and final day of an amazing and restorative (if challenging) juice cleanse, and since my mind wanders mostly toward the beautiful sunshine outside and what I am going to eat tomorrow, I thought I would share this simple and delicious recipe for what I have come […]

Grilled cauliflower steaks with salsa verde

This quick little recipe is so big on flavour and so small on ingredients and method that it is sure to become one of your favourite ways to engage with that most humble yet nutritious veg patch hero, the cauliflower. A member of the brassica family, whose veggies contain the highest amounts of vitamins A and […]

Smoky beetroot hummus

I made this beautiful smoked paprika hummus for Pura Vida Social Club last year and it was such a source of happiness for both our taste buds and our eyes… I think food should always be as vibrant and colourful as possible and this really brings some beauty and flavor […]

Roasted romanesco and chickpeas with dijon dressing

This is such a good winter plant-based recipe, we can’t seem to get enough of it. In fact the credit for ths particularly beautiful version must go to Ben, who took the reins yesterday with a mind-blowingly beautiful romanesco from The Creaky Shed in Greenwich, our favourite veg shop in […]

Roast parsnips with yoghurt, chilli and dates

  For me, caramelised roast parsnips are the taste of winter. But often they can reside on the duller side of the Sunday roast plate. In my opinion they need a little sexing up and this recipe adapted from Riverford’s Everyday and Sunday is foolproof, exotic and delicious in equal […]

Quick tamari Brussels sprouts

  You gotta love Brussels sprouts. Even if only for their resilience and hardiness in the face of so many haters. But mix them with Asian flavours and something magical happens: their comforting cabbagey-ness and their delicate sweetness come together with salty tamari and nutty sesame in a perfect combination […]

Buckwheat, spinach and nutmeg muffins

I love muffins. They remind me of America. And random little train station shacks that used to sell the cellophane-covered blueberry-filled ones that were totally amazing when I was a young journeying teenager. The fact that they had never  seen a real blueberry or vanilla pod, only E numbers and bright blue […]

Mung bean salad with nasturtiums and nigella seeds

This beautiful and easy little salad is the coming together of two timely things: an abundance of bright and delicate nasturtiums in our new front garden, and an even greater abundance of unprepossessing mung beans that have been lurking around the kitchen looking for a cause and a purpose. I rather […]

Thai kale with sweet cashew chilli dressing

I made this the other day while struggling with no fridge in our new house and an abundance of kale to use up before it went off. I adore kale, can’t get enough – but I always serve it with savoury flaovurs like tamari, lemon, salt or nutritional yeast. And then something […]

Perfect roast strawberries

At this time of year British strawberries are flooding into the shops and in my opinion one of the best ways to honour this is by roasting them. For me, perfect roast strawberries are neither too sweet nor too tart, but somewhere magical in the middle where you could add them […]