Last of summer strawberry salad 

This summer we have had a love affair with strawberries that surely cannot be rivalled. Our local store gets in the biggest, reddest, juiciest ones and I just couldn’t get enough. Never has fruit held so much juicy joy and goodness for me as in these first months of pregnancy, […]

Golden beet, brown rice and arame salad

Last week in our organic veg box we got some amazing golden beetroots and my first thought was to roast them with some dijon. I have never had this before, and have no idea where it popped up from, but something about the sweet warmth of the beets and the hot, […]

Raw savoy with almonds and chilli

I have been so busy writing my book these past few weeks, it has taken all the restraint I have not to share the recipes here as they come into creation. But the best things come to those who wait and so on both sides of the deal we must […]

Raw carrot, zucchini and orange salad

Yesterday, although it was October 1 and I awoke to rainclouds and endless grey skies, the sun came out for lunch and so I whipped up this autumnal salad from my veggie box, captured its bright and beautiful colours, and it felt just perfect for the transition of the seasons. And […]

Mung bean salad with nasturtiums and nigella seeds

This beautiful and easy little salad is the coming together of two timely things: an abundance of bright and delicate nasturtiums in our new front garden, and an even greater abundance of unprepossessing mung beans that have been lurking around the kitchen looking for a cause and a purpose. I rather […]

Raw carrot noodles with sweet tomato and basil sauce

Baby are we liking it raw at the moment! Perhaps we are clinging on to summer, perhaps after ten days in Italy – to be repeated in Puglia for a wedding next week – the colour and crunch are continually calling us. Either way, I draw my inspiration from the brilliant Matthew Kenney again […]

Thai kale with sweet cashew chilli dressing

I made this the other day while struggling with no fridge in our new house and an abundance of kale to use up before it went off. I adore kale, can’t get enough – but I always serve it with savoury flaovurs like tamari, lemon, salt or nutritional yeast. And then something […]

Fennel, radish and avocado summer salad

This is truly a corner shop salad. I made it the other day with some ingredients I liked the look of at my local convenience store (he does sell avocados and fennel so a cut above some) when I was way short on time and too hot to think about […]

Orange, broad bean and avocado rice bowl

In my opinion, healthy, clean food is almost always about bold flavours and simple wholefoods and this makes such a welcome escape from overly complex recipes and lengthy methods and prep. In the vein of one of my favourite and most striking little salads from by Matthew Kenny – the magical trio of grapefruit, avocado […]

Raw arame and sweet potato salad

Last weekend with little warning I went seaweed crazy and bought a huge bag of dried arame, some shredded dried wakame and some fresh salted sea vegetables from Earth Foods in Kentish Town. Perhaps my body knows the minerals it’s needing – and loud hankerings should never be ignored. I […]