Quick buckwheat crepes

My mother recently stayed at the visionary Vivamayr clinic and returned with an unbelievably simple and quick buckwheat crepe recipe. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to try it and have spent the afternoon knee deep in gluten-free pancakes of all shapes and sizes as I perfect the milk […]

Thai cashew chicken broth bowls

As the tail end of storm Jonas taps on the skylights with a relentless torrent of rain and wind, I am pretty sure there couldn’t be a better time to post these warming, nourishing and perfectly comforting bowls of creamy cashew chicken broth and nutrient-packed veggies. This quick and hearty little […]

Nut-free tahini banana power balls 

As our last days in the Costa Rican forest approach, we are very much enjoying making the most of local ingredients and concocting new recipes from the random army of foods we have lying around our hotchpotch little kitchen. While the natural flavours of local organic fruit like these bananas […]

Black bean soup

Sending much love and light to you all from Costa Rica. After 24 hours travelling, we arrived in the forest just over a week ago and have slowly been adjusting to a different pace of life: in between assisting a five day primal feelings workshop, racing into the ocean, listening […]

Raw spiced walnut brownies with maple clementine slices

  Since Christmas is a-coming and we are off to Central America in a week, I thought this weekend was the perfect time to throw together something indulgent and chocolatey with all my favourite spices and this season’s best little fruit: the sweet, juicy, vitamin C packed clementine. We had […]

Cauliflower, apricot and tomato dahl

  We usually get a cauliflower in our weekly veg box and I am always looking for new ways to use it. Often dismissed as the most boring of the crucifer ours family, cauliflower is a lovely and versatile vegetable and lends a gentle unobtrusive crunch and creaminess to any […]

Pumpkin spice latte

Every street corner in London is coercing me into buying a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte and since the combination sounds so utterly dreamy, I thought I’d try my own wholefood version instead. An organic pumpkin needing using up in the veg box could surely not have met with a yummier […]

Quinoa stuffed squash with almond and apricot

These little bundles of goodness and joy signify everything I love about autum: bright characterful little gourds, warming wintry nuts and spices and the imminent childhood thrills of celebrating Halloween, bonfire night and eventually Christmas. Around this time of year I always feel a little shift in the kitchen: earthy […]

Golden beet, brown rice and arame salad

Last week in our organic veg box we got some amazing golden beetroots and my first thought was to roast them with some dijon. I have never had this before, and have no idea where it popped up from, but something about the sweet warmth of the beets and the hot, […]