Raw Moroccan cauliflower couscous with yoghurt and dill

An impromptu and rapid cooking session with our good friend Giles, sourced mainly from veg box leftovers which included a particularly forlorn looking cauliflower, led to this delicious cumin and dill flavoured crunchy gluten-free couscous which is sure to become a reliable recipe in the often time-starved Rainbo / Naturalista […]

Maca the wonder root: better stamina, balanced hormones

I have been cooking quite a bit with maca root recently, going beyond the daily habit of whacking it (and everythubg else) on my breakfast or in a smoothie. While it’s a brilliant natural superfood and source of essential nutrients it also has a lovely malty taste which goes so […]

Raw maca, ginger and goji macaroons

These super maca-macaroons come courtesy of my lovely yogi friend Atty who lives in Berkeley and knows a good raw food recipe when she sees one. You will be amazed at how quick and easy they are to throw together and how insanely good the sweet maple, salty-sweet berries and […]

The best almond milk

Almond milk is the best. I was raised on full fat cow’s milk and have always craved its rich creamy texture in a dairyless alternative. I like to play around with other bases – cashew, rice, sesame and lately a bit of hemp – but almond is my king nut. […]

Kale, camargue and egg brunch bowl

Ben has been busy filling his newly glazed hand-thrown bowls with quick and yummy goodness. Enjoy. This impromptu creation that I once thew together based on what was in the kitchen has fast become a quick, easy and protein packed brunchtime favourite. And since we always have a wonderful abundance […]

Cocoface: pure young coconut goodness

Coconut water is taking over the world. No self-respecting health junkie can do without the occasional hit, and with good reason. Coconuts are full of natural electrolytes and minerals including potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and chloride – which are lost during exercise and general frenetic excursion – and they provide a […]

Garlic: cloves of power and might

Love it or hate it, garlic is certainly a strong and powerful little plant. While we most often use it for fun and flavour in the kitchen, since Ancient Egypt it has been used for medicinal as well as culinary purposes, its potent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties making it a […]

Ben’s Asian chicken salad

Ben has been in bed with Gwyneth Paltrow for the past week. I’m pretending not to care but as he laughs with delight at the recipes in her new book It’s All Good, I can’t help but want to join in. For his inaugural Naturalista creation he chose his take […]

Clearpsring Genmaicha: the best organic green tea

Green tea is famed for its super health benefits. Packed to the brim with phytonutrients and widely linked to cancer reduction, weight loss and boosting the immune system, it is one of nature’s most potent healing leaves and I have many a friend who swears by its super nutritional powers, […]

Spiced winter goji and coconut buckwheat porridge

As the wintry cold threatens to return and grey mornings creep back in, there is nothing like a warm breakfast bowl to make early starts (and street food has a lot of them) that little bit more bearable. From the first chilly winds of October through to the appearance of […]