Gluten-free flax, oat and seed crackers

Gluten free crackers are wonderful to have around but they generally cost a bomb. So after cooking them in Costa Rica I did the same back here and Ben and I have been contentedly munching and crunching on these flax and pumpkin seed babies all week. Honey, humus, avo, tahini, […]

Coconut, corn and kale salad

Hankering after something coconut flavoured last night, I whipped up this salad with some wild cod and it was delicious – tropical, warm and sweet, a plate to whisk you out of london and off to sunny nature with just one bite. Toasted coconut flakes are one of my favourite […]

Winter beetroot, grain and avocado salad

When I feel like something healthy and hearty on a winter’s evening and the idea of yet another soup doesn’t quite cut it, a good grain-packed bowl with veggies and oodles of toppings and flavours – usually springing creatively forth from whatever is in the cupboard and the fridge – […]

Gluten-free hazelnut and honey bread

I made this heavenly loaf yesterday and I can barely step away. With a hungry gluten intolerant man on my hands a good bread that is quick to knock together and doesn’t taste like sugary cardboard from the free-from section of my local superstore is something of a holy grail. […]

Alon’s gluten-free yucca croutons

Here in Alon’s free-spirited jungle kitchen we have been busy chopping our body weight in veg each day and, in particular, yucca – an ugly brown root that you have probably seen at your local market and walked past for years, just as we have, unaware of its magical gluten-free […]

Alon’s speedy almond garlic sprinkle

In the Naturalista kitchen sprinkles abound. Throw them on a salad, soup or veggies and you can totally transform the ordinary into something amazing. Here at PachaMama Alon is on the same page – I made his quick and easy almond and garlic crumble for a simple cauliflower soup and […]

Quick and easy avocado, fennel and grapefruit salad

The fresh and simple flavours of this salad hit my spot every time. I came across it in Matthew Kenney’s brilliant book Everyday Raw and knew immediately I would love it. Testament to my decisive tastebuds, Ben said he had marked the page out too as one I would like, […]

KIKI Nature’s Living Superfood

Powdered greens are everyone’s best friend. They’re packed with mineral-dense algae, super nutritious leafy greens, carefully selected probiotics and everything you want to eat from a natural diet but usually struggle to find the time or wherewithal to do so. And while I believe that this can be overcome with […]

Kale and nori superfood sprinkle

When I started eating more veg and less meat and getting a weekly organic box, the challenge to keep flavours and recipes fresh and exciting soon became apparent – with a hungry and discerning team of dumpling rollers to feed every lunchtime at Rainbo HQ, not to mention the hungrier […]

Sumac, tahini, carrot and apple winter crunch salad

As the cold creeps in and all I find myself thinking of is a giant duvet bodysuit, where I last put my Eskimo sheepskin mittens and a lavender bath that never ends, I find it harder to eat consistently healthy food. Warm red wine-fuelled Sunday roasts, unappealingly cold trips to […]