Main courses

Five minute gazpacho

We are bang in the middle of moving house and all that remains unpacked in the kitchen is my vitamix, two bowls, plates, and glasses, and a lonely knife and fork each. Options are limited; we are boldly blending our way through the chaos. And since it’s summer, when quick […]

Polenta with summer greens and petits pois

I am having a love affair with polenta. As queen of knocking together quick, easy and delicious home food, my mother used to make it all the time when I was little and I have always found its creamy yellow fluffiness both comforting and exotic. It wasn’t until I saw […]

Fennel, radish and avocado summer salad

This is truly a corner shop salad. I made it the other day with some ingredients I liked the look of at my local convenience store (he does sell avocados and fennel so a cut above some) when I was way short on time and too hot to think about […]

Orange, broad bean and avocado rice bowl

In my opinion, healthy, clean food is almost always about bold flavours and simple wholefoods and this makes such a welcome escape from overly complex recipes and lengthy methods and prep. In the vein of one of my favourite and most striking little salads from by Matthew Kenny – the magical trio of grapefruit, avocado […]

Chickpeas and tenderstem broccoli with rice and tahini

Aboard the exciting and life-changing voyage of wellness, sometimes you feel so inspired by recipes and ingredients that you run to the nearest health food store full of ideas and vigour and spend half your life savings on precious oils and powders with which to feed the tired temple. Other times, for whatever reason, […]

Tabasco asparagus with black quinoa

With an abundance of beautiful bright asparagus from Riverford to use up last week, I wanted to do something beyond the usual lemon and black pepper that I usually shove on top. An adaptation of one of Skye Gyngell’s recipes, I found this while browsing Heidi Swanson’s beautiful 101 Cookbooks: she had added […]

Curried chickpeas with yoghurt and scallion

This easy and delicious bowlful of goodness is based on a recipe by Heidi Swanson and when I threw it together last week we were practically licking the sides clean. Chickpeas are one of those things we always seem to have in the cupboard if all else fails. That and […]

Buckwheat noodles with tofu and sweet sesame paste

A few weeks ago Ben came back from the lovely Earth Foods in Kentish Town with an exciting looking packet of Clearspring organic buckwheat and sweet potato soba noodles. They have been sitting patiently in the cupboard awaiting their destiny for some weeks. Last Thursday, craving something bulky but light, […]

Kale, camargue and egg brunch bowl

Ben has been busy filling his newly glazed hand-thrown bowls with quick and yummy goodness. Enjoy. This impromptu creation that I once thew together based on what was in the kitchen has fast become a quick, easy and protein packed brunchtime favourite. And since we always have a wonderful abundance […]