Main courses

Golden beet, brown rice and arame salad

Last week in our organic veg box we got some amazing golden beetroots and my first thought was to roast them with some dijon. I have never had this before, and have no idea where it popped up from, but something about the sweet warmth of the beets and the hot, […]

Chilled avocado and coconut soup

I am on the third and final day of an amazing and restorative (if challenging) juice cleanse, and since my mind wanders mostly toward the beautiful sunshine outside and what I am going to eat tomorrow, I thought I would share this simple and delicious recipe for what I have come […]

Raw zucchini pasta + red pepper pesto

As summer hovers near and the optimistic spring sun creeps out from behind the clouds, lighter dinners and fresh local veg become increasingly called for on bright garden evenings. And when time (and funds) might be in short suppluly, nothing hits the spot more perfectly than this modern riff on […]

Grilled cauliflower steaks with salsa verde

This quick little recipe is so big on flavour and so small on ingredients and method that it is sure to become one of your favourite ways to engage with that most humble yet nutritious veg patch hero, the cauliflower. A member of the brassica family, whose veggies contain the highest amounts of vitamins A and […]

Tomato, turmeric and coconut dahl

This is so simple and delicious it would be a crime not to share it, especially while a frosty chill seems to be hanging stubbornly in the nearly-springtime air. Dahl is my go to recipe for evenings when there is almost nothing in the kitchen, the shops seem too far away, […]

Spiced tomato + coconut soup bowl

I’m not really a soup person but if Heidi Swanson says jump, I say how high. They usually leave me a little unsatisfied and feel a little austere as a main course in themselves, but her inspired solution to heap everything you like or have in the fridge on top changes the […]

Roasted romanesco and chickpeas with dijon dressing

This is such a good winter plant-based recipe, we can’t seem to get enough of it. In fact the credit for ths particularly beautiful version must go to Ben, who took the reins yesterday with a mind-blowingly beautiful romanesco from The Creaky Shed in Greenwich, our favourite veg shop in […]

Mung bean salad with nasturtiums and nigella seeds

This beautiful and easy little salad is the coming together of two timely things: an abundance of bright and delicate nasturtiums in our new front garden, and an even greater abundance of unprepossessing mung beans that have been lurking around the kitchen looking for a cause and a purpose. I rather […]

Raw carrot noodles with sweet tomato and basil sauce

Baby are we liking it raw at the moment! Perhaps we are clinging on to summer, perhaps after ten days in Italy – to be repeated in Puglia for a wedding next week – the colour and crunch are continually calling us. Either way, I draw my inspiration from the brilliant Matthew Kenney again […]