Date, banana and tahini smoothie

Some mornings you just need mega help to jump out of bed and in to the world. For many reasons, including prosecco, today was one of them. I always down a green smoothie in the morning, it gets the vitamins in and makes me feel great and sustained whatever I’m […]

Spinach, banana and coconut smoothie

A rare purchase for me, I bought a jar of organic Whole Earth peanut butter the other day to make a deeply-craved raw peanut and cacao cake and have been adding big dollops of it to everything. This smoothie didn’t escape its clutches nd I seem to have whipped up a […]

Gluten-free hazelnut and honey bread

I made this heavenly loaf yesterday and I can barely step away. With a hungry gluten intolerant man on my hands a good bread that is quick to knock together and doesn’t taste like sugary cardboard from the free-from section of my local superstore is something of a holy grail. […]

The best almond milk

Almond milk is the best. I was raised on full fat cow’s milk and have always craved its rich creamy texture in a dairyless alternative. I like to play around with other bases – cashew, rice, sesame and lately a bit of hemp – but almond is my king nut. […]

Kale, camargue and egg brunch bowl

Ben has been busy filling his newly glazed hand-thrown bowls with quick and yummy goodness. Enjoy. This impromptu creation that I once thew together based on what was in the kitchen has fast become a quick, easy and protein packed brunchtime favourite. And since we always have a wonderful abundance […]

Spiced winter goji and coconut buckwheat porridge

As the wintry cold threatens to return and grey mornings creep back in, there is nothing like a warm breakfast bowl to make early starts (and street food has a lot of them) that little bit more bearable. From the first chilly winds of October through to the appearance of […]

Immune-boosting turmeric nutmeg nog

A favourite of Ayurveda, turmeric is something of a wonder spice. Its brilliant pigment curcumin is a potent natural anti-inflammatory, and has also been shown to very effectively treat a variety of pain-related and rheumatoid illnesses as well as irritable gut symptoms. It is also a highly efficient anti-oxidant, able […]

Gluten-free banana bread bites

A good banana bread is one of life’s greatest treats and until now I haven’t found a satisfactory gluten and dairy free recipe for those of us that way inclined. But while wandering through Wholefoods deciding on my lunch a couple of weeks ago I saw a yummy looking free-from […]

Chia, coconut & cinnamon porridge

Porridge and I go way back. It was the first thing I ever learned to make and when I was a child I used to bound out of bed on the weekend and quietly whip some up in the kitchen just as my granny taught me: with rolled oats, a pinch […]