Pumpkin spice latte

Every street corner in London is coercing me into buying a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte and since the combination sounds so utterly dreamy, I thought I’d try my own wholefood version instead. An organic pumpkin needing using up in the veg box could surely not have met with a yummier […]

Cacao buckwheat porridge

Autumn is arriving and I am so excited. We just spent three days in the forest in Somerset shooting parts of my book and the soft sun and golden leaves,  slowly turning as the mornings get later, were so beautiful.  It was an amazing summer, jam packed full of friends, events […]

Raw superfood almond butter

With the rhythm of city life as busy as it is, I always latch hopefully on to clever butters, bars and wholefood conconctions that purport to have it all in one… and this latest creation does just that – it is the most super and delicious little paste to have in your kitchen, on hand to help […]

Buckwheat quinoa pancakes with goji berry jam

Pancakes always represent such a treat for me. Maybe because when I was little they were what we ate at restaurants, diners and other awesome places but never at home. Or maybe because they seem to me to be a symbol of mighty America in all its maple bacon glory. […]

Raw carrot and cinnamon bircher muesli

I had some organic Abel & Cole carrots to use up the other day and I made this recipe for the Free People press day (on the left; the right is raw buckwheat porridge with strawberry compote, coming soon…). It has become a winter morning winner on every level. It is based […]

Miso porridge with avocado and crispy kale

Over at Pura Vida Social Club, as well as the next supper club on November 12 (there are still a few early bird tickets left so quick!), we have an exciting morning-based gathering in the pipeline and it has propelled me to experiment with some more leftfield winter breakfast ideas. […]

Vegan oatmeal with vanilla and peach

I adore porridge and always have done since I was a kid. But I think so often it can be really, unthinkably boring. Once you jump into the world of vibrant colourful plant food, flavours and textures take over, and – in my experience at least – what used to really […]

Spinach, cacao and chia smoothie bowl

Smoothie bowls are great. You can whip them up in no time and shove almost anything you feel like on top; as long as your base is good it will almost always taste delicious and is the easiest way to get nutrients fast with a big dose of fibre to […]

Perfect roast strawberries

At this time of year British strawberries are flooding into the shops and in my opinion one of the best ways to honour this is by roasting them. For me, perfect roast strawberries are neither too sweet nor too tart, but somewhere magical in the middle where you could add them […]

Black rice, coconut and mango pudding

  Black rice is my new favourite ingredient. It looks so arresting and mysterious I just want to jump right in to the bowl. This variation on a favourite from my travels in Thailand many years ago is really quick and deliciously simple: rice, coconut milk, mango and rich, butterscotchy, […]