Tahini celeriac remoulade with quinoa and walnuts 

My mother is the queen of quick and easy cooking and always falls back on a delicious remoulade when things need eating up. And so, without even thinking about it much (actually I was thinking about a cacao and raspberry chia recipe I am planning on trying), yesterday I started […]

Goddess Diary #3: how to live like an urban tantric goddess

The third goddess diary comes from my great friend Aylen who I met in Costa Rica and who splits her time between life in the forest there, and New York. We instantly connected on battling the tricky ground that can lie between cultivating a gentle spiritual practise and path of self-enquiry, and […]

Blake LDN: British knitwear

A few weeks ago I met the talented Alice Ashby, the brains and beauty behind sustainable knitwear brand Blake LDN, and felt so inspired by her vision, story and timeless sweaters and knitwear. She is a fearless conscious entrepreneur, and her distinctive and focused brand is fast becoming one of […]

Vanilla and cinnamon roasted pumpkin seeds

When I was little we would make cinnamon toast at home for tea on weekends. Maybe it was to taste like the amazing American cereal named after it (closely rivalled in the cupboard by Golden Grahams. Anyone here under 25 probably has no idea what I’m talking about). It consisted […]

Vegan cashew and rocket pesto 

In my experience, a good pesto is key to any kitchen and while I have long loved the traditional incarnation in all its parmigiano glory, a tasty plant-based pesto is a must for adding some quick, zesty flavour to everyday lunches and dinners. This is a basic recipe that relies on […]

Dreamtime bath melts

  For as long as I can remember, bath time has been one of my family’s most cherished rituals. Come about 6pm, wherever I find myself, I am usually ready to sink into a hot tub and relax and reboot before the evening unfolds. Sometimes (usually) this glorious hot water ceremony segues […]

Goddess diary #2: five practices to awaken your inner goddess 

Somewhere between today’s total solar eclipse and new moon, International Women’s Day and mother’s day last Sunday – celebrating the divine feminine and the mothers, planet and life force that sustain our existence – it feels right to share what I have learned about keeping connected to the divine femininity within […]

Beetroot, pesto and halloumi wraps

These wraps have been a long time in the making and quite an evolutionary process. Many of my favourite recipes seem to tumble out first time lucky, but these guys required a little more devotion to get just right; luckily for our hungry and sometimes disorganised household there has been an abundance […]

Introducing our Sacred Space one day retreat, April 2

On Saturday April 2 Ben and I will be holding our first day retreat, Sacred Space, in East London around the theme of cultivating a sacred space within our inner and outer worlds.  Together with sound healer Lani Rocillo and singer Nessie Gomes, we will be taking a small and intimate group […]