Skin food recipes

Coffee and honey body scrub

Splayed on a slab of hot marble in nothing but my pants, I recently had a life affirming body scrub from a hulking great Latvian therapist named German, at Banya No. 1 near Old Street. It was something close to a rebirth and the scrub was only one small part […]

Nourishing lavender and calendula face gel

As I delve ever deeper into the inspiring, exciting and genuinely life-changing world of natural skincare, I am routinely humbled and awestruck by the healing powers of plants for our outsides as well as our insides. This is my first foray into the world of homemade face creams and potions […]

Lavender, rosewater and jojoba hair shine spray

Sometimes, especially in the city, you just need a little pick me up to keep you feeling ace. It can be a little hit of essential oil, a massive green smoothie, or a spritz of freshness to keep your skin and locks groomed on the move. This neat natural spray […]

Coconut, vanilla and cardamom body scrub

Our skin is our biggest organ. And it deserves as much thought and consideration as the rest of our body in terms of what we subject it to. You wouldn’t eat a pot full of chemicals, and nor should you slather one over your precious body – it is too […]