Mindful living

Mindfulness in the everyday

Bringing presence and intention into everyday life is not easy for us twenty first century humans.  We may occasionally find the time to tuck ourselves away in a nurturing retreat, travel across the city to meditate with our teacher, or simply start off a new year with genuine yogini devotion and intent, but there comes […]

Altars: creating a space for prayer and intention

As you probably know, the path of meditation and mindfulness, whatever point you’re at and whichever way you do it, is never short of challenges and obstacles. I think this is especially true in the city, where the pace of life beyond the front door can whisk us away in whirlwind of busy-ness and doing, […]

Costa Rica diary

Hello beautiful friends and family, I am writing from deep within the forest in Costa Rica, where Ben and I have been for January, diving deep into silence, ceremonies, journeys and inspiring (and often challenging) exploration of our inner skies and landscapes. The work has gone deep and the world […]

A Naturalista journey: what this year has taught me

Beautiful friends and family, Happy Christmas! As I head home tomorrow and prepare to return to Costa Rica for a month in the New Year, I can’t help but look back over the last year and share the ideas these months seem to have shown me. A little over a year ago I […]

Naturalista Organic Skin Food Beauty Bags

In the run up to Christmas it brings me great happiness to announce that I am creating a limited number of organic natural beauty gift sets, fusing beautiful aromatherapy scents with healing ingredients from nature. Pure, fresh, preservative-free and full of powerful goodness. My natural living and skin food journey has […]

Pura Vida Social Club #2

I am super excited to share that on November 12 not only will I celebrate another year on this earth, I will do it with beautiful friends and likeminded spirits at the second Pura Vida Social Club in East London. Music, craft, meditation and food will punctuate the evening – […]

Poem: The Nasturtium

I haven’t written a poem in years but this came rolling out today – a homage to our bright autumn garden and recent flowerbed-to-table cooking. Perhaps new homes constantly inspire. The Nasturtium From urban skies and displaced earth, A brave new life takes root. Fox-cub soft and crimson as a box, My […]

Natural healing, Russian style: Banya No.1

Hanging out at a Rainbo event a few months ago my beautiful friend Alice told me she and her husband Pete were going on a hot date that evening to a Russian spa “where you wear and felt hat and they beat you with birch leaves”. Sign me up! I […]