Mindful living

What vitality means to me

As the healthy eating revolution continues to take root in London and beyond, a question I often get asked is what vitality means to me. There are so many words and concepts used (and thrown upon us and all around us) to define what a “healthy” life is in the twenty […]

RawFest photo diary

It’s only now that summer is receding that I feel I have time to digest and reflect upon all that happened under its – mostly – sunny skies. Between getting married, wandering Greece, writing my book (manuscript almost finished!), our Rainbo stall burning down at Dinerama, a quick trip to […]

42 Acres: a centre for transformation

Sometimes places appear in your path that very quickly begin to feel like a second home and 42 Acres, nestled in a quiet valley in the rolling hills of Somerset, is one of them. From the minute I first stepped eager foot through the door for a yoga and raw food retreat […]

Juice cleansing: reset your body and soul

Throughout my nutritional studies and holistic wellness journey, I have always been a devoted smoothie drinker and preferred the wholefood (and chuck anything in) benefits they offer us over cold-pressed juices that leave cellulose and fibre behind. But after weeks of joyous and impulsive indulgence leading up to and following […]

Holistic yoga retreat in Tuscany, September 1-6 2015

– FINAL SPACES REMAINING – Join Saskia Price and Xochi Balfour as we celebrate a week immersed in wild nature with a nourishing retreat in the magical hills of Tuscany. For five days we will nurture body and soul with daily yoga, meditation, high vibe wholefoods, hill walks and deep […]

Mooncup: what every woman should know

To all my female friends and family: I feel this post is long overdue. To my male ones: I love you but you probably have little or no interest in this post and can bow out gracefully round about now, and go make some chickpea blondies. Getting a Mooncup a year ago […]

Natural skincare workshop with Planet Organic, 26th March

I am really excited to be hosting a natural skincare workshop with Planet Organic on March 26. We will be making three recipes together, which you can take home, and tickets cost £5 including products. See some of you there for a magical night! Click herehttp://www.planetorganic.com/workshop/21671/ for tickets and info […]

Homemade sandalwood + lemongrass incense

An ancient symbol of prayer and devotion, incense is the very first step towards any meditation practice in our calm and peaceful little East London cottage. Just lighting a cone or stick totally transforms the energy and lifts the vibration of a room, and it is one of the simplest […]