Mindful living

Dance of the Divine Feminine workshop, July 10th

  On Sunday July 10th, I will be co-creating an afternoon of divine feminine exploration with my friend and fellow guide Chloe Kerman. Focusing on our innate sacred womanhood, the female-focused workshop will empower and nourish us as we feed our femininity, share sister wisdom and renew our sexual power; all through loving, […]

Sacred Space clarity breathwork retreat, June 18

After another beautiful, heart-opening circle on Saturday, we are so happy to announce the next Sacred Space day retreat on Saturday June 18 in collaboration with our friend and breathwork healer, Sati Katerina. We have spent extensive time with Sati in the Costa Rican forest, both receiving her extraordinary healing in breath work […]

Bright Star and Buffalo: conscious adornment

A few weeks ago I received such a beautiful, long, open-hearted and soul-baring email from Natalie at Bright Star and Buffalo and was astounded at how deeply two strangers can connect across the airwaves through digital expression and the power of words. We wrote to each other many times and […]

The Naturalista book + digital short

What a whirlwind the last two weeks have been… it seems so surreal that my book came out last week and it makes me so happy to think of it gently weaving its way into people’s homes and hearts. It has been such a nourishing labour of love and each page […]

Introducing our Sacred Space one day retreat, April 2

On Saturday April 2 Ben and I will be holding our first day retreat, Sacred Space, in East London around the theme of cultivating a sacred space within our inner and outer worlds.  Together with sound healer Lani Rocillo and singer Nessie Gomes, we will be taking a small and intimate group […]

Five small changes to reduce your daily waste

Last week Plenish kindly gave me a reusable, biodegradable bamboo coffee cup from Ecoffee to say thank you for speaking on their panel at Wholefoods about having a career (or imminent one) in nutrition. It was instant love and hot drink partnership. Now I am as guilty as the busiest […]

Letting go of ‘should’: opening to the here and now

 On Tuesday Ben and I took part in a magical cacao ceremony with Joel and Aiste from the Wild Food Cafe, supported by the beautiful music of Antarma. We played the singing bowls, danced, sang, drummed and prayed and it transformed what had been a challenging few days into new horizons and rememberings. […]

Silence and beyond: adventures in the forest

We only landed from the Costa Rican forest a week ago and yet the adjustment to London life makes it feel a world away. To stay connected, open and aware is truly a challenge and one we are rising to with all the tools we have been cultivating. Our five […]

Into the silence 

Happy Christmas beautiful friends. Here in Costa Rica we are preparing to turn inwards for seven days of silence and peaceful self enquiry rooted in nature, closing the exits and diving deep into our inner skies. Stay tuned for new year reflections, celebrations and creations and see you on the […]

Viridian Organic Rainbow Trout Oil

As I eagerly approach the middle of my final year training as a nutritionist, and dive into clinics with my colleagues, one of the things we find ourselves prescribing most often to clients is a good omega 3 supplement. Like omega 6, omega 3 EFAs (essential fatty acids) are vital for […]