The best almond milk


Almond milk is the best. I was raised on full fat cow’s milk and have always craved its rich creamy texture in a dairyless alternative. I like to play around with other bases – cashew, rice, sesame and lately a bit of hemp – but almond is my king nut.

I have made many almond milk recipes since I got my Vitamix. It’s hard to remember where I began. Some have been great, some less so – who knew you could go so far wrong with some nuts and water? After much soaking, vitamixing and straining this is, in my opinion, the mother of all almond milk recipes and too good not to share.

Beware thirsty men who drink the whole jug while you’re not looking.

120g soaked almonds

5 medium-sized soaked pitted dates

a pinch of sea salt

three drops vanilla extract

1 litre pure water

Vitamix or blend all the ingredients until creamy smooth, strain, serve or chill for up to three days.


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