Antipodes skin care: organic science

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My quest for the best organic skincare is always evolving and I take great pleasure in snooping out the most luscious creams on the shelf. With so many new and intelligent bioactive brands emerging, all boasting their own super nourishing ingredients, whole hours can be whiled away in Planet Organic sampling the latest lotions and potions.

Recently, spurred on by stressed skin after a summer of working festivals back to back, and a spare ten minutes in Wholefoods, I picked up the Antipodes Avocado and Pear Night Cream pot and fell in love on the spot. Rich, creamy and quick to absorb, it smells like heaven and has become something of a friend, along with the Juliet Cleanser and Resurrection exfoliator.

The little-known brand is slowly gathering the following it deserves and its intelligent approach to organic skincare has already won it numerous beauty awards, including Harper’s Bazaar’s Best Eye cream and Best Beauty Buy. Wellington-based founder Elizabeth Barbalich is big on nutrition and juicing, a self-proclaimed “firm believer in eating your way to good health… I think it’s always best to use the purist ingredients possible, whether it’s on your skin or in your body,” she says. “It’s like eating natural raw foods as opposed to processed. You’re always going to be healthier and look healthier. People want organic because it’s the cleanest possible skincare you can buy, and the most premium in the natural category.” All her ingredients are grown locally from sustainable orchards and farms and the company is carboNZero certified.

Most significantly, the range uses healing and nutrient-rich New Zealand Manuka Honey alongside their trademarked Vinanza Grapeseed extract, which is packed with antioxidants and has been proven to counter free radical damage. Add in such delicious natural treats as cardamom, green apple essential oil, vanilla pod and jojoba and you’ll find it hard not to buy the whole lot.

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