Xochi Balfour is a mama, holistic guide and Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist (Dip NT, CNM). Through her writing and work with groups and individuals, she explores all areas of vitality – combining diet, natural healing and various methods of spiritual inquiry and ritual to guide her readers and clients in cultivating greater harmony within and without.

She recently published her first book, The Naturalista: nourishing recipes to live well, and is a contributing editor for Psychologies magazine. She holds regular retreats with her husband Ben and works with teachers near and far to deepen her understanding of what it means to be well, embodied and vital in the 21st century. Through her mentoring, she works with individuals to rebalance and re-empower themselves through holistic nutrition, mindful self-practice and daily ritual.

I am a passionate explorer of holistic healing, natural living, the divine feminine and personal transformation. I believe in living naturally; in enjoying Mother Earth’s rainbow of nourishing natural foods, creating with ingredients grown in the ground, respecting and exploring our bodies and souls and nourishing them in every way we can.

In this whirlwind digital age where stress and disease levels are permanently on the rise, and the female identity is being pulled in many different directions, many of us find ourselves divided, conflicted and beset with imbalance both energetic and physical. As women this can leave us dissociated from our most sacred space of wisdom and knowing. Consciously returning to a more natural way of being, in harmony with the planet and for which we were designed, is one of the most empowering things we can do.

Through my mentoring, writing, retreats and ongoing learning with a variety of teachers and traditions, I work to inspire individuals to return to their power, live with greater intention and create a more aware, connected and embodied life. Vitality, wholeness and presence are within everybody’s reach and there is a wealth of wisdom out there from many different cultures for us to tap into collectively. Focusing on ritual, prayer, personal growth and self-inquiry, earth-based practices and holistic nutrition, together we can create a bespoke roadmap to our true, unique expression of Self. Now is the time: our planet, our Mother, needs us to step up, and as women we hold the precious key to intuitive nurturing deep within… together we can reclaim our forgotten wisdom and step into our unique power and purpose. Since navigating the immense initiation into motherhood and the profound transformations it engenders I am glad to be deepening my work with my sisters, the divine feminine and the sacred role of Mother.

Keeping on the path is often challenging in a world as rapidly moving and demanding as the one we currently inhabit. But as my journey deepens and the community grows, I am always overwhelmed by the inspiration and possibilities that unfold in daily life.

Come and join the journey.

 Xochi x 

xochi balfour


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Photo: Kyle Galvin