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Feta and tomato everything sauce

You might have noticed, from my visible slowing down on the online side of life, that raising an 18 month old is keeping me quite busy. The thing is, though, it’s a different type of busy-ness than I knew before I was a mama. It’s more a presence, a being, […]

Golden beet, brown rice and arame salad

Last week in our organic veg box we got some amazing golden beetroots and my first thought was to roast them with some dijon. I have never had this before, and have no idea where it popped up from, but something about the sweet warmth of the beets and the hot, […]

Fighting burnout with food

When you hit burnout, the ground falls from beneath your feet and it’s like you have to stop ‘doing’ completely and let your body die a small death before you can haul yourself up and start again. Last summer, against my grand plan and to my own frustration and horror, that’s more […]

Raw arame and sweet potato salad

Last weekend with little warning I went seaweed crazy and bought a huge bag of dried arame, some shredded dried wakame and some fresh salted sea vegetables from Earth Foods in Kentish Town. Perhaps my body knows the minerals it’s needing – and loud hankerings should never be ignored. I […]

Kale and nori superfood sprinkle

When I started eating more veg and less meat and getting a weekly organic box, the challenge to keep flavours and recipes fresh and exciting soon became apparent – with a hungry and discerning team of dumpling rollers to feed every lunchtime at Rainbo HQ, not to mention the hungrier […]