3 minute vegan goji chocolates



Once you start really loving chocolate, no one can take that away from you. Not nutrition teachers, not your escalating grocery bill – nothing. I have been a slave to chocolate since I can remember and sometimes, on long days where your feet barely touch the ground and you shove some veggies and super foods and Life Drink in your mouth while you dart from one end of London to another and wonder how you even got there, a little cacao offering come dinner time is really all you can direct your busy mind towards.

Am I right?

Well these little nutritious chocolates are the perfect present for yourself. Or anyone else if you can keep them that long. They take three minutes to make, require only your basic kitchen staples, and have become a little life saver for dark winter evenings where dinner gets eaten all too quickly and you really can’t be bothered to make any form of pudding. Not even a 5 minute raw cacao mousse. Three is all you seem to have.

I use xylitol here – and for things sweet – because it is the natural sugar substitute that is most slowly absorbed into the bloodstream, and has a much less dramatic effect on blood sugar levels, but use what you have according to your preference.

Makes about 8 small chocolates – the more berries and nuts you add the further the goodness goes.


2 tbsp coconut oil

2 tbsp solid coconut manna or cream (Biona do a good one)

2 tsp xylitol (or honey or maple)

2 tbsp cacao powder

Half a handful of goji berries

Half a handful of seeds / chopped nuts / dessicated coconut / whatever’s in the pantry

A pinch of sea salt

In a saucepan on a gentle heat, met the coconut oil and manna until liquid. Add the cacao and sweetener (as little as possible is always better) and stir on a very low heat until it is dissolved.

Meanwhile, place some berries and seeds / nuts into eight or so compartments of an ice cube tray, covering the bottom of each. Then pour the liquid mixture into the compartments, sprinkle with a little sea salt, and place in the freezer for 20 minutes or so to set.

Serve and store chilled.

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